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Most Motivational Story Ever

Design Painting

One time there was a painter living in a city. They always made different and amazing painting and all people like there painting and purchase it. They always try to make their best painting compare to their previous painting. They always think about their painting and travel in different- different place to get better ideas. After making much painting they made their best painting ever. They always got some mistake in their previous painting but in that painting, they got no mistake. They thought that take a public opinion on their best painting. They hung their painting on the busy street and left the note on below "If you find the mistake on it then mark it" after some time they came there to see their painting. They see that their painting was fully black marked. They get upset and told all the stories to their friend. His friend told him. Hung the same painting and left the note "If any mistake on the painting marks with the reason" After some time they come to that place to see their painting. They see there was no mark on the painting.

After hanging painting first time

We get moral from these stories that all the people always find the mistake in your mistake without any reason. Because they are not able to do that work or they have no knowledge about that work. If you're doing a new thing and you have no ideas what happen next then always take the suggestion from those people who are expert in that field and learn from them. Doesn't take or listen to those people who do not have any ideas/experience of that work.

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